June Issue Coming Soon

Writers, thinkers, creators.

The submission window for our June Issue is closed.

The June Issue will be out between June 15-20, 2021.

We’ll open submissions for the September Issue soon.

We accept all styles of poetry and all genres of fiction (we love horror as much as we love humour and drama). So don’t limit yourself.

We publish artwork and photo essays too.

We will be accepting previously published work too for our September Issue.

Adivasi, Dalit, Bahujan, LGBTQ writers are encouraged to submit.

Send your submissions to popdacultpill@gmail.com

Mention “Theme: Genre” in the subject line of the email. For instance, “Summer: Poetry/Art/Essay/Photo Essay” etc.

Include a short author’s bio and link to social media handles for readers to find you.

Read the Submissions guidelines.