Theeran Adhigaram Ondru – Review


‘Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru’ is the best police procedural action thriller from India that I have seen, or maybe I have not been looking in the right places. Bollywood seems to have forgotten how to make one (I remember Sarfarosh). Although this movie wouldn’t give you a hardcore police procedural thriller like ‘Zodiac’, it squeezes in just the right dose of it to keep you engaged, I mean how many films can compare to Zodiac’s brilliance.

The movie has all you have come to expect from ‘South Indian’ movies (a generalisation of cinema – by people in mostly Hindi speaking regions – that is not Bollywood and is much richer than the latter) of the dubbed versions of which are frequently shown on Set Max and the likes. However, it cuts on the over the top fight scenes (there are still hints in it), gives you characters that are not caricatures, doesn’t treat the audience as children, and hence is smart (not for the sake of being smart), gives a menacing villain although underdeveloped, great performance from the lead, and edge of the seat thrill.

It could have done a bit more by offering a good character study of the lead, given the time spent on his domestic life apart from his life as a police officer. I wish they would stop casting actors from North India to play ‘heroines’, I mean are there not enough women in the southern part of India? And only if the foot chase scenes were good… Nobody is asking for an ‘Apocalypto’, but a bit more effort in editing and from actors would surely do wonders.

Having said all that the movie is still very good. Recommended viewing.

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