Embroidering (in) Dormiveglia

– malaifly


When sleep shies away

from the light within

that burns in shades

of softened mauve

in moonlit tones;

Not dark enough

to distinguish 

what shone,

of the shallow 

light of dusk 

from the muted 

bright of dawn


Throughout the night and day

Bouts of uninterrupted 


Staggered tiredness

dispersed freely

in varying intensity.

Dispelling the ambit

of asleep and awake

With constant subconscious slumber,

seeping into 


triumphs to wake;

and continuous restlessness,

stirring when stilled

until, distressed.

Inverted insomnia,

perverted to ensure

no respite to be had, nor

reprieve to any before.


Oh how wishes swallow wonders

senses somehow wake 

enter response

even night takes special little efforts speaking

games spinning gusts sweep pieces 

starry yield dramatically yawned

distend disenchant 

through hollow winks scattered

decrepit twinkles scream

metered drawings

spelt twisted

direct to omen


malaifly is an Indian artist-poetess who compulsively composes poetry. Having always thought in words and written in poetic prose, malaifly has been writing all her life and knows she couldn’t stop even if she tried. She expresses herself both in her words as well as their presentation, from hand-lettering to accompanying with photography and illustration. You can find malaifly on Instagram.


The poem appeared in Pop the Culture Pill’s April 2021 Issue.

Submission for our June 2021 Issue is open. Send your entries to popdacultpill@gmail.com

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