Print Areas by Dr. Ashley Tellis (June 2021 Issue)

(For Somesh Dahiya)

As I lay beside you,
felt the heat of your body,
felt the print areas you placed between us,
the minutes ticked by and I saw how
even a night might have so many chapters,
how it can be so difficult
to turn a page, even one page,
to make us reach any closer.

But what struck me as even madder
and somehow more beautiful
was that I still wanted to edit the pages
between us:
place a comma here,
a colon there,
add a word here
cut some there
and never
let a full stop come between us.


Dr. Ashley Tellis is a gay activist, poet, journalist, academic, editor, and general troublemaker. He is from Bombay, lives in Hyderabad, and longs to leave the country.

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