Submission Guidelines

December 2021 | As You Like It Vol. 1
Theme: Open

Hi writer, thinker, creator!

If you are reading this, it means you have something important to say, and all you need is an outlet.

We would be happy to provide you that.

Currently, we are accepting film, book, music reviews (to be published on our website) and essays, poetry, fiction, art, graphic narrative, and photo essays (to be published on website + web magazine) that are culturally, politically and socially relevant. We do accept mainstream content, but we prefer content focused on the marginalised voices. So if you would like to review a book, movie, music album by Dalit, Adivasi, LGBTQ creators, you are more than welcome.

We will be publishing the web magazine in June, September, December and March. And we may have specific themes for certain issues.

Film/Book/Music review is independent of themes, and we accept and publish them throughout the year on our website.

Submission is open to all. We encourage writers from Dalit, Adivasi, Bahujan and LGBTQ communities to submit their work.


We are accepting poems for publication in our magazine and website.

All forms of poems are welcome (free verse, haiku, tanka, sonnet, prose poem, spoken word poems and more).

Please submit your poems to

A maximum of 3 poems and not longer than 80 lines is acceptable.

Please mention “Poetry” in the subject line.


We don’t discriminate between genres. We accept horror, sci-fi, humour, etc. and all combinations possible. However, we do only select works that are socially, culturally, politically relevant. That does not mean it cannot be personal. Often the most personal stories hold a mirror upto the society.

No more than 1 work (1,500-5,000 words) will be accepted.

Please mention “Fiction” in the subject line.


We are looking for narrative essays that are personal/universal and benefit from deep observation of the society and culture.

Send us 1-2 essays (1,500-5,000 words).

Please mention “Essay” in the subject line.


Digital art, painting, sketches, even graphic narratives (for 1 A4 page) are fine with us. Just bring your best.

Share a brief theme statement with the art.

Send us scanned files/digital art only. No photographs, please.

You can send us 2 artworks for an issue.

Please mention “Artwork” in the subject line.

Photo Essay

We care about the framing of the subject as much as the subject itself.

Photos shot on cellphones are allowed. Just make sure the resolution is high.

Please don’t submit heavily edited images (meaning don’t remove or add objects).

Your photo essay must tell a story. It could be in black and white or colour, but don’t use both in the same photo essay.

Upto 8 photos per essay is acceptable.

Please mention “Photo Essay” in the subject line.

Film/Book/Music Review

We accept film/book/music review. We are not looking for Hollywood blockbusters or superhero movies.

Reviews of Indie or smaller budget movies/books/music are welcome.

We love Asian/South Asian cinema here, but don’t necessarily hold grudge against any other industries.

Please mention “Film/Book/Music” review in the subject line.

What we do not accept

Please do not share content filled with hate speech or that shows gender, caste, class insensitivity. Plagiarism of any kind is unacceptable. The author will be solely responsible for any instances of plagiarism in the works submitted by them.


Unfortunately, at present we are not able to provide monetary assistance to contributors. However, if we like your style of writing, we may commission paid assignments. The payment will be decided per mutual agreement.

Editorial policy

While we will edit the selected contributions, we would urge the contributors to thoroughly proofread their content before submission. If the content is in a bad shape, we may not select it.

Please send your content in a Word file along with a short Author’s bio.

We will reserve first publication rights. Post publication, the rights will go back to the creators and they can publish their work elsewhere. We only ask you to mention that your work was first published at Pop the Culture Pill when you republish it.

Send us your entries at