Call for Submissions

Writers, thinkers, creators.

Whether you’d like to dream up a Kubla Khan or greet that bank piece of paper (or screen) with fresh ideas after a good-night’s sleep, the importance of sleep to creativity can’t be denied. And not just artists, sleep affects everyone. From feeling the weight of the world crushing your brain to believing you can do no wrong, sleep determines what we can be each and every day of our lives. So pick up your pen, pencil, paint brush and tell the world how you’ve experienced sleep. It can be personal, universal, humorous, political, cultural — just be honest with yourself.

Send your submissions to

Mention “Theme: Genre” in the subject line of the email. For instance, “Sleep: Poetry/Art/Essay” etc.

Include a short author’s bio and link to social media handles for readers to find you.

The artwork and poems published in the newsletter will be republished in the June issue of the poetry publication on the website as a way to find them a more accessible home. If you wish to send creative works outside the theme, fell free to do so. Read the Submissions guidelines.