Why we need queer spaces in tattooing [excerpt]

[This is an excerpt from my article published in Tattoo Cultr. Read the full article here.]

Tattoos, as a representative form of a counter-discourse, have surprisingly entered into the popular idiom of things cool, so much so that one might find its counter-culture tag unnecessary. However, to cram the art of tattoos in the chock-a-bloc normative singularity of popular culture would be a gross mistake, for the simple reason that tattoos are not the product of the hollow fetishisms of the star-worshipping, hashtag spewing (okay, hashtags are good but not the excess of it), self(ie)-obsessed, diversity-disapproving, whitewashing (not just Hollywood, , un-fair and un-lovely) culture.

What Tattoos Mean – my views as an outsider

A few weeks ago I had submitted a write up to Tattoo Cultr , on what tattoos mean to an outsider. This post was influenced by my personal views on tattooing and its relevance. Although I have never got around to getting a tattoo done, I would not deny that the idea never crossed my mind. In fact, at one point I really was game for it, but unfortunately it never clicked. Here is why tattooing had me, it still does, intrigued.